3 USB Ports Universal Car Charger 2.1 Amp

3 USB Ports Universal Car Charger 2.1 Amp

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3 Port USB Car Charger - 4.1A

The 4.1A USB car charger with each port outputting 2.1A +1.0A +1.0A will allow you to charge 3 devices simultaneously and with a stylish design. This high efficiency charger is suitable for charging three devices including your iPad at full speed, Android Tablets , Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android phones, and any other USB device you need charged.

This car charger comes with 3 labeled USB output ports for charging the iPad @2.1A on port , another device @ 1.0A and one last 3rd device  @1.0A. Since the car charger supports 4.1A it can sufficiently charge an iPad quickly, while still allowing for another device, and 1+ phone to be connected and charge all 3 at the same time!


-Charge 3 USB devices simultaneously including an iPad at full speed @ 2.1A, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android smartphones, iPod, or any other USB device through your cars outlet.

-3 port design @ 2.1A + 1.0A + 1.0 to charge three devices simultaneously with your desired length USB cable for charging the second & third phone or electronic device.


3 port USB Car Charger 5.1A

Port outputs: Labeled 2.1A + 1.0A + 1.0A

Input DC 10 - 18V

Output 4.1V - 2.1A + 1.0 + 1.0


Dimensions: 30 x 62mm

RoHS compliant


  • Triple port USB rapid charger designed for Android, Apple or other devices enable charge speed up to 2.1 amps
  • Provides maximum charge speed to devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation and media streaming utilities
  • Compact design allowing easy portability, low LED light feature to avoid distractions on the road
  • Compatible with MFi Apple iPhone iPad and Android OEM power USB cable wires
  • Tri-port USB: 4.1 amps (shared by 3 ports: 2.1A, 1.0A, 1.0A), Input: DC 12­24V, Power: 26W

Package contents:

3 Port USB car charger (exact color may not be the same as image)