Naztech Turbine Power Hub

  • $ 69.99

With rapid charging ability, this compact power hub allows you to charge up to six devices at a time wherever there is an outlet! The Naztech Turbine Power Hub utilizes advanced, patent-pending IntelliQ Technology to deliver a charging experience specifically tailored to your devices, while also providing short-circuit and overcharge protection. With a maximum output of 11A, you’re sure to get the most rapid charging experience for each of your devices. The stylish, low profile design blends well in any atmosphere. Charge fast with the Naztech Turbine Power Hub!

  • A Trusted American Brand.
  • Uses IntelliQ Technology to deliver an optimized charging experience to each of your devices while also featuring overcharge and short-circuit protection that ensures the Turbine and all of the devices plugged into it are safe.
  • Conveniently rapid charges your 6 USB devices by pumping out 55W of power while only taking up one outlet!
  • The Naztech Turbine Power hub has a maximum output of 11A for a rapid charging experience, making it the ultimate charging solution!
  • Maximum portability: since the Turbine is only about the size of a man's wallet, it is compact enough to fit inside of your laptop bag, take with you on a plane, or anywhere you might go!