Swiveling Wrist Mount-360 Degrees Rotation For Your GoPro Hero and Action Camera

  • $ 19.99

Product Description

Finally! A Wrist Mount for My Go Pro Camera That Turns 360 Degrees and Fits on My Wrist! The Best Wrist Mount Strap to Get Those Innovative Angled Videos/Photos -Swivels 360 Degrees Offers clockwise or counter clockwise rotation to get those cool looking selfies or front shots. - Securely fits ALL size wrists. - Lightweight and highly durable for diving, skiing, surfing etc. Soft linen that tightens on your wrist and has a really strong double Velcro system for securing it. Gives You the Ability to Easily Move Your Go Pro Camera Around to Get That Great Shot With the quick locking swivel, you can instantly change the viewpoint of your videos & photos. Perfect for Any Outdoor Activities Where You Want Your Hands Free - Special Easy to Read Instructions available showing how to easily use your Wristband Swivel Mount. - Fantastic bargain. Works the FIRST Time! Leaves you more money to get other Go Pro accessories. - **Thin line tether to make sure you never lose your GoPro Camera in the water, snow, on your bicycle, etc. -Don't Miss Out on This Extra. Get Your Wrist Mount Strap Now with Your Thin Line Tether. **GP InStyle is The ONLY Wrist Mount Strap Company for GoPro Hero Cameras Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee** Get your Wrist Mount Strap and if it fails to work at anytime, send it back and we will send you a new one, no hassle, no worries. Click the Button at the Top of This Page to Start Getting Those Cool Angled Videos and Photos with Your Go Pro Camera Now! ****GoPro Camera NOT included****