Portable Adjustable Clamp Mount Clip with 27.5" Gooseneck Extension and Mount Holder Adapter Screw for GoPro and Action Cameras

  • $ 29.99

Product Description

With the clamp mount, when a family party, a seminar or an exciting sports game is held, users can not only record the perfect and real life with an ease, but also enjoy themselves in those activities. 

  • Mini tripod head for 360 degree rotation can be adjusted to get different best angles. 
  • With Flexible gooseneck can be extended to the max 27.5 inches. 
  • Clamp opens to 2 inches wide for easy installation. 
  • Can be installed to most light stands, tripods, pipes or board. 
  • The GoPro adaptor included in the package can be used with all GoPro models, like Hero 1/2/3/3+, etc.
  • The ball and socket mount allows you to move your camera through 360 degrees and position it anywhere in between.
  • The gooseneck arm is extremly strong, but still incredibly flexible. You can twist and bend it any way according to your need.
  • Use the clamp with the ball and socket adaptor to position your GoPro low-down and close the surface it is attached to, or use the strong gooseneck for extra height and an endless range of shooting angles.
  • The jaws of the clamp mount feature a textured covering that will help the jaws grip on to surfaces, while also protecting those surfaces under pressure from the clamp. Jaws can clamp on to any object up to 2 inches in width.

Package Content: 

  • 1 * Clamp 
  • 1 * Gooseneck Mount 
  • 1 * Ball & Socket Mount 
  • 1 * GoPro Adaptor Screw